Pre-order your coffee at the coolest spot in Christchurch.

Say hello to our cool friends on Regulr, Evil Genius.

If you hang around Christchurch a bit, chances are you’ll have heard of the guys at Evil Genius Lair & Bar. If you haven’t, you should definitely stop in next time you’re around.

It’s a cool and quirky spot that’s half co-working space, half café, and 100% awesome (plus the pork bao is off the chain). Even cooler, they were one of the first places to jump on board with Regulr!

Evil Genius Lair and Bar, Ferrymead

Clint, the mastermind behind Evil Genius, has created an awesome spot where locals can

drop in to do some work, grab a coffee, enjoy some food, and hang out. A little bit, ‘Business in the back, party in the front’. And it’s worked out just right.

The spot is open from early morning until evening every day of the week, serving up coffees, beersies, tasty food, and good vibes.

The Evil Genius Bar

“We wanted to create a cool place where people could come and work, but also eat, drink, and have a beer.” - Clint

Evil Genius has been using posBoss since the day they opened their doors and they’re huge advocates of the simplicity and design. Clint had been looking for an app to work alongside that, so when Regulr was launched, it was a no-brainer.

For Clint, Regulr was about creating awesome experiences and being helpful for their customers. But it’s also been about building personal connections. People have loved being able to personalise their account with an emoji, and it also helps the team get to know who’s who - by name AND by personality.

Download Regulr to order from Evil Genius

So far, the app has been especially handy for takeaway orders and business people. They can just pop in, grab their coffee, and get on with their day. Plus, whatever they order just goes on their tab and gets settled automatically each week. Too easy.

“We recognise that people don’t have that much time, so we want to help them out a bit.” - Clint

Evil Genius is the first time Clint has dipped his toe into the world of hospitality, and it’s been a bit of a surprise just how important social media and online content are. As he says, content is king, and being able to yell about having an app is pretty cool. That technology, and building their brand online, is definitely helping the business boom.

But in between posting updates and checking Facebook messages, you’ll still find the team enjoying chats with their regulars. Because really, that’s the whole point.

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