NZ Festival Tent 2018

As the fat lady sings, the curtain closes and the 2018 NZ Festival comes to an end. 3 short weeks of art and music, bought together both diversity and creativity for all in the Capital to enjoy.

Behind the scenes in the Festival Tent this year was posBoss founder Jonny McKenzie and his team, taking a step back from their 9-5 support and operational roles to saunter back into the wonderful world of hospitality.

“it was an awesome opportunity, getting to work with such talented groups, getting to work with posBoss in a LIVE hospo environment and test our new ordering app, Regulr!” said McKenzie.

Practically born into the hospitality industry, McKenzie launched POS system posBoss in 2012 with the intent to simplify life for hospo workers. Since then, the system has made its mark across more than 600 nationwide locations.

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It was super easy, and nice to see how the small things helped out. The staff had so much fun with the emoji logins, and our swipe to order features helped us boost through 300 customers in about 15minutes” says Amy, Martini Connoisseur and posBoss Partnership Manager. “It wasn’t the most ideal place to launch Regulr- as you can imagine no one uses their phone during a performance, but we did still receive our first orders, and the people that did use it loved it- which was super exciting!”

The Tent featured different acts such as Knees Deep, Circus and Storytelling; the variety assuring the audience remained on their toes and refreshed with an array of new talent each night. Outside the Tent, bypassers enjoyed a range of different games and activities.

Customer training manager, Tricia Anderson said;

Everyone got really into it and it was really fun- I’m a huge Thundercat fan so that was my favourite!”

When asked about working with the system in a live environment, Anderson replied:

“Honest answer? It was good, it was easy, it was awesome. Just that anyone who walked behind the bar, even if they haven’t used it before, used it like a pro. They didn’t really need training. Dan was the manager, he’d never touched posBoss in his life, and he was in charge of the training. That’s how easy it was!”.

So, remember you should always practise what you preach. Without trial, there is no real measure to prove your success, or in the case of posBoss- guarantee it!

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The new Regulr mobile ordering feature launches in July… so #staytuned!

Pictured from left to right: Jonny McKenzie (Founder), Amy Alexander (Partnership Manager), Tricia Anderson (Customer training manager)

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