3 ways to choose your morning brew

Words: Anna Spanbroek

Here at Regulr we pride ourselves on making it a breeze to pick up your daily cup! But how do you know which brew is best for you?

We spoke to David Pai - owner of Coffee Embassy and fan of all things caffeine! He gave us a few quick-fire facts to help you understand and choose your morning brew.

A Little about Dave:

Dave’s coffee order is a long black or “a cheeky flat white” on occasion. Mine is a large Mocha, marshmallows in the cup (you can tell who the coffee connoisseur is!).

Dave and his business partner, Andy, joined forces 4 years ago to connect customers to the things they love about coffee - variety, seasonality and traceability. They're continuously mixing things up with fresh seasonal coffee offerings. Andy hails from an extensive coffee roasting background while Dave brings his hospitality and business experience to the mix.

Both of these guys are crazy about coffee - giving me the rundown all the way from Origin to Cup!


1. How the coffee is roasted affects the flavourWith many options of different coffee styles available these days how do you know which coffee is right for you? 

"Coffee that is roasted light or in a filter style will highlight flavours that are more celebratory of coffee - the fruit - as opposed to a roasty flavour that is more commonly associated to coffee as we have come to know it. As coffee is taken further into its roast the natural sugars caramelise, and so it takes on more of a nutty, chocolatey flavour", explains Dave.

Light to dark roasts. Photo cred: Bonavita

Which is better?

“Taste is personal. Some people like a stronger coffee while others don’t”

Dave compares coffee to wine in the sense that taste is subjective, some prefer Cab Sav while others a Shiraz.

A lighter roast will tend to offer a brighter more acidic cup profile, while a darker roast can take on a differing profile often described as chocolatey or nutty.

2. Your instant coffee at home probably has more caffeine in it than your double shot latte.

While actual caffeine levels per cup are hard to measure, what you need to know is coffee has come from 1 of 2 species - Arabica and Robusta.

"The main difference being, Robusta is grown at low altitudes and tends to be higher in caffeine but lower in flavour & aroma, whereas Arabica is grown at high altitude and lower in caffeine but higher in flavour & aroma’, explains Dave.

There are literally thousands of different cultivars or sub species of arabica coffee plants, and some of the best like Gesha varieties sell on the specialty coffee market for ridiculous prices. Just recently a Panama Gesha Natural sold for a record $5000US/KG

3. Where your coffee is grown (the Origin) affects the flavour of the cup.

Coffee can often be very confusing and intimidating to purchase. It’s a common household item - even more-so in NZ with our infamous coffee culture. But what are we buying when the packet says from Indonesia or Guatemala? What is the difference?

Your answer - the flavour profile!

"There is a flavour profile to a particular farm and region depending on how the bean was processed", says Dave.

At the moment Coffee Embassy source most of their coffee from a producer in Huehuetenango in Guatemala. Here the coffee plants are grown at very higher altitudes and thanks to dry, hot winds that blow from Mexico’s Tehuantepec plain. The Highland Huehuetenango region is protected from frost, which allows for cultivation of beans at extreme altitudes. This results in a fine intense acidity, full body and delightful wine notes present in each of their coffees.

“You want there to be a sweet acidity that balances well with body and mouthfeel”, Dave explains.

Coffee Embassy currently source their beans from Guatemala. Photo cred: Coffee Embassy

Coffee Embassy are one of many spots serving liquid gold on the Regulr App! Next time you need a cuppa, pre-order to jump the queue and give yourself more time to enjoy your favourite brew.

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