6 Key benefits for your business

1. Increase your sales without increasing staff costs

Regulr provides your customers’ with another way to access your business and order their favourites- in-store and on the go (for takeaway orders). Let the orders roll in and increase your staff efficiencies by eliminating time spent (or extra staff) at the till taking orders!

2. Attract new customers to your location

Regulr has an integrated location feature;  helping your loyal customers find your business easily and allowing new patrons discover businesses in their area.

3. make ordering easier for your customers, therefore increase their loyalty to you!

Letting your customers order direct provides them with instant gratification over their purchase decision. Customers feel in-control of the ordering process, and allows your staff to spend that time doing other things. This increases speed and efficiency in the business, in turn enhancing your customer’s experience.

4. Provide more time to upsell at the counter

Use your time interacting with your customers rather than at the till talking orders. Regulr allows you to provide a more personalised service experience to your patrons, and gives your staff more ‘talk-time’ to upsell products at the counter.

5. Simplify those lengthy corporate orders

Regulr helps to improve the accuracy of orders by eliminating server order errors.  Having a mobile menu and ordering system also makes life a lot easier for your patrons when making and taking lengthy or difficult orders.

6. Let you get to know your customers name and make their day!

Make your service the best it can be. Know their name, know their order, know they’re a Regulr!

Using Regulr and have a query about your charges? Get in touch with your local and they’ll sort you out in a jiffy! 

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